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$1 1st Survey Complete 5 Questions to earn $1
$1 2nd Survey Register & answer 5 questions to earn $1
$1 3rd Survey Complete 8 Questions to earn $1
30 Day Challenge Local search to find more surveys!

Task List

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  • Survey 1 = $1
  • Survey 2 = $1
  • Survey 3 = $1
  • Local Search = Find more surveys

How it works?

  • Market research companies pay us to offer you with surveys for your opinions. They pay us, you get to take surveys for free. Even better, you can get rewarded with cash, prizes and products. This is not a scheme this is a way to make a little extra cash. We have peers writing reviews and rating surveys to help you to make a decision on what surveys to do after you perform a local search on our site today!

Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

Satisfaction 100% guranteed

Go through the 30 Day Challenge. See how simple it is to make $30 by giving your opinions? If, after 30 days, you are unsatisfied with the results, send us an email. Explain why our simple process failed to meet your expectations and we’ll pay you $10.

Our Goal:

Our aim is to build a community of survey panelists who rely on us for surveys that offer great rewards. We want your experience to be enjoyable and rewarding! For our users we provide a little extra cash and a scam free environment and for our advertisers we provide targeted engaged panelist for market research. Now enjoy a unique way to earn extra cash, your staff here at

How do I get paid?

HighPayingCashSurveys pays in two ways: PayPal or Check. We send your money once you request a payout by clicking on the my profile link which will appear soon after doing local search. You may also request payout by simply emailing us through the contact form at any time. Just include the email you used to sign up. Please allow to business days for processing and your check will be in the mail or PayPal. Thank you HighPayingCashSurveys staff.

What If You Are Disqualified From A Survey?

It happens sometimes. Some surveys have a limited number of openings and are then closed. Others may have special targeted requirements. If you are disqualified from one survey, simply move on to another survey. Also, give your best answers to each question. Surveyors will disqualify a panelists if its automatic system detects that your answers are not forthright.

How Do We Protect Your Privacy?

After doing a local search inside you will find each market research company we work with has a link to their privacy agreement on their website. We encourage you to read the privacy policy on their website. We also encourage you to post reviews and read reviews of other members inside.

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